Developmental Dysregulation of Inhibitory Neuron Migration as an Experimental Model to Analyze Mechanisms of Pediatric Autism-Epilepsy Syndrome

Rutgers University-Newark Campus

Project Description

Mice with cell specific deletion of a neuronal migration cue linked with autism will undergo multidisciplinary analysis to elucidate the cellular and curcuit mechanisms of autism-epilepsy syndrome.

On completion, the study will help identify the time line and specific
structural and functional changes underlying childhood epilepsy-autism syndromes
to enable future analysis and therapeutics and elucidate the role of interneuron
migration versus activity in circuit changes in epilepsy.

Our innovative approach of comparing circuit function and disease outcomes
between mice with global and cell-specific Nrp2 deletion allows for
transformative insights into disease evolution and circuit pathology that will
advance the field by informing development of disease modifying interventions.

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Team Members

Viji Santhakumar
Principal Investigator

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