NJ Autism Center of Excellence Coordinating Center

The Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, Montclair State University

Project Description


The mission of the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJ ACE) is to research, apply and advance best practices in the understanding, prevention, evaluation and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, enhancing the lives of individuals across their lifespans. The Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism and the New Jersey Department of Health currently fund 16 research projects that address the national priorities described in the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) Strategic Plan and have the potential to improve the physical and/or behavioral health and well-being of individuals with ASDs. NJ ACE also funds the Coordinating Center located at Montclair State University. 


The role of the Coordinating Center at Montclair State University is to support and advance the mission of newly funded New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJ ACE) clinical research sites The NJ ACE Coordinating Center will provide common management and support functions to unify the NJ ACE Program Sites by serving as the voice of the NJ ACE and promoting the sharing of lessons learned and best practices in the conduct of clinical research. 


  • Advance the coordination of ASD research in New Jersey
  • Unify ACE Program sites
  • Provide general support functions and project assistance for Program sites
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs for Program sites
  • Promote the sharing of best practices and lessons learned in the conduct of clinical research
  • Promote reflective practices for project site teams
  • Coordinate information learned from the ongoing project/research
  • Ensure regular communication between and within Program sites
  • Increase efficiency for subject recruitment and retention (i.e. IRB issues)
  • Create common outreach materials for Program sites
  • Conduct a multi-method, cross-site evaluation to assess context, implementation, participation, and achievement of the Program Sites yearly project objectives
  • Establish, manage and support a password protected web-based application for Program sites
  • Develop standard operating procedures for Program sites such as data entry, management, submission to the National Database for Autism Research
  • Organize clinical trainings (i.e. for clinical instruments such as the ADOS)
  • Provide biostatistics consultation services
  • Disseminate findings to families, providers and communities

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Team Members

Katherine Herbert
Principal Investigator
(973) 655-5399

Gerard Costa
Principal Investigator

Karen Hood-Kasim
Project Coordinator
(973) 655-7573

Jerry Fails
IT/Data Management
(973) 655-4289

Eden Kyse
Program Evaluation
(973) 655-7045

Erin Bunger
Program Evaluation
(973) 655-3543

Lina Acosta
Program Evaluation
(973) 655-7552

Eileen McKeating
Research Associate
(973) 655-7950

Amy Fezza
Graduate Assistant

Lauren Hudon
Graduate Assistant

Ryan Nicolosi
Website Administrator
(973) 655-6683

Eric Joyce
Website Administrator
(201) 874-7667

Jill Wodnick
Outreach Coordinator

Lia Di Stefano
Graphic Designer