Analysis, Validation and Dissemination of a Paratransit Travel and Mobilitiy Assessment for Adults on the Spectrum

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Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (C.A.I.T.), Rutgers University

Project Description

This lack of mobility can limit the life choices and negatively impact one’s quality of life. Access to transportation is a vital component of daily living, self-sufficiency, self-determination, and independence. It can also influence housing, employment, community life integration, and even hinder the seeking medical care when necessary. Developing a methodology for using local paratransit services can increase mobility options for adults on the autism spectrum that are unable to drive or use fixed-route public transportation. The objective of the research project titled “Analysis, validation and dissemination of a paratransit travel and mobility assessment for adults on the autism spectrum” is to provide a validated assessment tool to determine if and what type of paratransit service is appropriate for adults on the spectrum who do not drive or currently use public transportation.  The outcome this research is indented provide a paratransit assessment tool that has been validated through a scientific process. The process will include comparing the assessment results to an individual’s ability to use a paratransit service through an in-vehicle simulated real-world test scored by blind observers. The results from the research will be disseminated, along with the research supporting the validation. The research team will seek to test approximately 100 research participants ages 18 and over with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. The testing will consist of taking an assessment and an in-vehicle test.

This research will be to better enable service provider and caregivers to understand the abilities skills and abilities needed to use public transportation paratransit services. The assessment provides information access to use a safe, least restrictive and appropriate type of paratransit. This will not only positively impact an individual’s quality of life but those of their caretakers. The assessment can empower individuals on the autism spectrum and their caregivers to travel independently through the use public transportation paratransit services.  At the conclusion of the research, the validated assessment will be made available online. The results of the research will also be shared with professionals and the public through article submissions to journals and through conference presentations.

Selection Criteria

  • Do you have autism spectrum disorder?
  • Are you 18 years or older?
  • Do you live in New Jersey?
  • Would you be interested in riding  Access Link or other county paratransit  services if you could? 

What's Involved

Meet up to three times with the research team for about 30 minutes.


$25 cash gift card after completing the Paratransit Skills Assessment Tool $75 cash gift card after completion of the In-Vehicle Test
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Team Members

Cecilia Feeley
Principal Investigator
(848) 445-2975

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(848) 445-2975
100 Brett Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854


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