Autism Summit 2017 Part II

Date: Oct 06, 2017


Meeting of the Minds and Honoring Diversity in Research: Continuing the Conversation

Information about Autism Summit 2017 Part II:

Autism Summit 2017 Part II took place at Montclair State University Conference Center on October 6, 2017. This Summit was open to interested individuals, including persons with ASD and their families and to educators, policymakers, researchers and providers. The proposed goal for Autism Summit 2017 Part II was to disseminate findings from Part I to a larger audience and to gain perspectives from a larger ASD community about what they perceive are research questions that need to be answered. The objectives toward the goal were as follows:

  • Objective 1: Conduct a forum to engage ASD researchers, ASD families, ASD educators, ASD providers and ASD policy makers within the state of NJ.
  • Objective 2: To share the findings from Part I and engage Part II participants in discussions through guided break-out sessions that will identify what participants perceive are ASD research questions that need to be answered.
Selected Presentations from Summit 2017 Part II
  • Welcome and Overview
  • Etiology (Causes) of ASD
  • Cross and Multidisciplinary inquiries into ASD
  • Life Span Interventions and Supports for ASD
  • Diagnostics and Classification Systems for ASD
  • Neurodiversity & Social Views of ASD

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